Feelings, emotions, body language.

Sometimes our brain force us to do stupid things. And we even don't understand what happened. We just act and get capture by our emotions and feelings. We even can't control our body, so from time to time we can reveal our truly emotions by our body language.
So, here some photos of me and my friends, which will show you some of emotions and gesture that people got used to express in their everyday life. In addition, you may burst into laughter because of these photos, so sit back and enjoy it with great grin and I am sure it will make your day or evening.
As we can see Nastya a little bit sick and tired because of all that subjects: chemistry, biology and so on. Ohh my God!!! What is happening ?! Help me someeebodyyyy!!!! In this picture Nastya is looks miserable. This dark hallway is increase her stress levels, so she was scared stiff enough. On Tanya mind: Hey you, yes you, you look fishy.
Nasty thinks: Ohh my God, Tanya what is happening?! Who …
Here you can see pictures that i choose to show people communication in different contexts.

Word families. Word formation.I've chosen a text from Upstream B2+ Student's book, called " History Lessons" (Unit 7).

Noun    Verb AdjectiveAdverbhistory − historical historically decision decide decisive decisively knowledge
Online tools and resources for vocabulary building.

Dear student,  I want to tell you about the learning opportunities that we have today. It becomes obvious that nowadays we have much more tools to expand and improve our knowledge of a foreigh language. In our days we have tools that give us an immense assetsto achieve goal in learning English. This tools will help you to avoidmaking mistakes. In order to find a viable option for yourself you need to explore different ways and only then you will be capable to work out the easiest wayto make progress in learning.

Firstly, i want to draw your attention to tools which will help you to build your vocabulary and to recall the material that you have already learn. 
So, the first tool it is Fraze.it- one of the best tools to explore the words in the context. It contains millions of sentences with the possibility to see the source article/blog post they are taken from.

Secondly, you can useMemrise- an online learning tool based on flashcards tha…
Techniques for organising vocabulary
Everybody knows that learning foreigh languages is not as easy as it might seem at first. First of all, you have to take it seriously and doing everything step by step.

Secondly, you have to explore different ways of expanding your vocabulary and to work out the easiest way that will work for you.

Thirdly, the only way to achieve you goal in learning language is a method of trial and error. Here some techniques for organising vocabulary which i found the most appropriate for me:
vocabulary notebook (this is very important); There are different ways you can organise your notebook: 
 Lists of words with translations.English words with definitions in English or in your own language.English words with definitions or translations and sentences that shows usage."Spider diagrams" will help to remember the word visually. review;activate( this means to use them in conversations or writing);  The article i have choosen : http://www.lifehack.org/articles/fe…